FSP 3000Teraflex

Ultra-compact FSP 3000 CloudConnectTM terminal for hyperscale DCI

The phenomenal growth in internet traffic and the fierce migration to cloud-based services are creating an urgent need for more capacity and speed in data center interconnect (DCI) networks. ICPs and CNPs need to rapidly scale their DCI networks while retaining simplicity and meeting evolving density and power requirements. Our TeraFlex™ takes scalability to a new level.

Specifically developed for hyperscale DCI applications, our TeraFlex™ terminal can transport 600Gbit/s of data over a single wavelength, delivering a total duplex capacity of 3.6Tbit/s in a 1RU chassis. Part of our FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform, TeraFlex™ is fully open and programmable and can be easily integrated into SDN environments. TeraFlex™ is also a scalable and flexible solution, supporting 100Gbit/s and 400Gbit/s services. What’s more, 10GbE and 40GbE services are also supported via our pluggable FSP 3000 MicroMux™ QSFP. This unique flexibility enables the smoothest service upgrade from 10GbE to 400GbE and gives service providers and data center operators the configuration flexibility to address a wide range of DCI applications with minimum inventory sprawl and market-leading power efficiency. Data security is also guaranteed. Our ConnectGuard™ technology provides robust low-latency encryption and eliminates the need for standalone security equipment. In addition, TeraFlex™ delivers real-time streaming telemetry, a prerequisite for big data based network management.

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Your benefits

  • Ultimate 100G client density

    36 bidirectional 100GbE client ports served by a 1RU chassis; up to 600Gbit/s on a single wavelength
  • Open and modular design

    All system modules are externally accessible and field replaceable (non-service affecting)
  • Software-defined optics

    Get the maximum bandwidth for the required capacity and transmission distances
  • Programmability through open APIs

    Seamless integration into data center and SDN environments
  • Highest data security

    Tamperproof design, ADVA ConnectGuard™ encryption technology and security management software
  • Smooth migration from 10G to 400G services

    10Gbit/s and 40Gbit/s support via our innovative FSP 3000 MicroMux™ pluggable QSFP28

High-level technical specifications

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Applications in your network

Hyperscale data center connectivity with a market-leading compact design

  • Point-to-point metro data center interconnect with up to 600Gbit/s per wavelength
  • Core network terminal over disaggregated open line system; software-defined transmission to achieve maximum bandwidth according to distance and capacity requirements
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