SIP Trunking

What the SIP? SIP Trunking explained

What is PBX?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a specific function of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. That’s a lot of acronyms, so let’s break it down a bit further. Simply, the goal of SIP is to allow voice and video communication to occur over the internet without having a traditional relationship with a telephone company. It enables virtual connections that link your existing business phone system to the telephone network utilizing your current internet access.

You can then pool your resource needs – cutting your costs while being able to utilize modern real-time communications services, like call recording, bursting and Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency calls. Rather than replacing your current phone system, enhance it with SIP and future proof your business.

The Benefits of SIP’ping with Broadvoice

Leverage your PBX investment. We will use your current PBX infrastructure, preserving your original capital investment. Between our adaptable system and the gateways, we can handle it all.

Replace your expensive dial tone. Since PRI and T1 trunks are no longer needed, we can save you up to 70% on your monthly bill.

Pay for the capacity you need. You are only purchasing what you are using. With traditional PBX plans, PRIs are purchased in a bundle of 23 at a time. Although they all might be used during peak times, you are paying for them at all times. At Broadvoice, we can start you with 5 channels.

Scale capacity up or down. Elastic SIP is a virtual connection. Therefore, you can scale up and down quickly.

Handle spikes in call volumes. Seasonal spikes can easily be addressed with bursting capabilities.

Consolidate voice and data services. Make the most of your bandwidth by using your IP network for both data and voice.

Ease the move to cloud. Voice is the natural first leap into the cloud. By easing your company into it with Broadvoice Elastic SIP Trunking you can launch by enables your launch to be done by location or even by department. As the switch gradually occurs, managing both Cloud PBX and SIP end users through the same portal.

Enjoy uninterrupted service. Broadvoice’s SIP platform is georedundant with both East and West coast datacenters.

Leverage your existing PBX investment
Save up to 70% by replacing your expensive dial tone
Handle spikes in call volume during busy periods
Enjoy uninterrupted geo-redundant service