About NetCom International, Inc.

NetCom International, Inc. has been in business since 1986, so we have seen and kept up with the changing IT world since its beginning. With a background in both MAC and PC, NetCom International has been there and continued to grow with the changing industry. As new products and standards have come out, NetCom International was there getting certified and trained in that field. Growing out of a photography company and dealing with most specialty software, such as Photoshop, NetCom International recognized the need for a complete company, a company that prides itself on relationship, not just the sale of products and services. We develop a relationship of trust and honesty having a genuine concern for helping customers with their own challenges and requirements to help them become more productive, and efficient, at a reasonable cost. Having one company, like NetCom International, you minimize confusion of who is handling your phone system or who is you computer consultants. With NetCom International you have one company one representative, and a company that is there when you need them. Todd Macfarland, the President and CEO realized that companies have become too big and have not meet the needs of the customer, thus starting NetCom International. NetCom International prides itself on its first class “customer service.” It is easy to sell products and services, however it is much more time consuming to give customers the personal attention many of them require. NetCom International sees personal attention as one of the most important aspects of business. What good is the equipment if you don’t know how to use it or you need to find new companies to repair or replace it. With NetCom International this is not the case. We offer the allegiance of “The customer comes first.” “Without the customer a business is not a business,” therefore we pride ourselves on paying attention to what the customer wants and being with him/her long after the products and services have been installed. See our partners